About Us


Launched in 2018, Animal Think Tank came together as a group of people determined to apply social movement theory and cutting edge strategy to build a broad-based movement for animal freedom. 

Since launching, we’ve trained hundreds of changemakers through Movement Building workshops in the UK, US and Canada. We also launched Animal Rebellion, an ally to Extinction Rebellion, who are seeking to push the issue of animal farming and fishing into the environmental movement’s focus.

By 2022/23 we intend to scale into a large team of 20-30 people and launch a mass movement organisation for animal freedom.


Animal Think Tank’s mission is to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power and resilience to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and security of person protected in UK law and respected by society. We aim to achieve this by developing a UK based Social Movement Organisation alongside supporting the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of other individuals, groups and organisations working for Animal Freedom in their diverse ways.


Humility: We are not driven by our egos and channel our ambition into the cause not ourselves. We stay open minded and seek to understand different perspectives to learn and grow.

Power: We are committed to realising our individual and collective potential by stepping fully into our power and building shared power through collaboration and relationship.

Courage: We have the courage to do what is needed. We operate from a place of possibility, not fear.

Love: We support and care for each other and treat everyone with compassion, kindness and empathy, including those we disagree with.

Effectiveness. We do the right thing, well.


We take inspiration from major social movements pursuing transformative change like the US Civil Rights Movement, the Indian Independence Movement, the Colour Revolutions of Eastern Europe, the UK Anti-Slavery Movement, Freedom to Marry and Extinction Rebellion. These movements pursued ambitious strategies which centred around organising everyday people to engage in collective action, including acts of civil disobedience, to pursue structural changes and massively shift public opinion.

The most impactful social movements in history were the result of many years of research and planning. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi spent years developing the strategies, narratives, philosophies and culture necessary to build a broad-based movement to achieve Indian Independence. 

Animal Think Tank is learning from the successful movements of the past and gaining expertise in the science of social change. Working with the broader animal freedom movement we will develop effective long-term strategies to bring about structural and cultural change in the UK. We will then operationalise this strategy by launching a social movement organisation with the goal of building a strategic, broad-based, nonviolent mass movement for animal freedom.

Central to our approach is the recognition that change requires many different organisations, groups and individuals with diverse approaches, so we will also support the work of other organisations as well as helping to build unity within the movement.