Free Movement Building Training

This training is for people in the animal justice movement who want to think big and get inspired. Drawn from cutting-edge research on mass movements and civil disobedience, this training will introduce some key concepts, principles and strategies for building a powerful mass movement that can achieve transformative change for other animals.

Day 1: Introduction to Movement Building

This training will introduce you to different theories of change to help you understand how social change happens. It will look at different organising traditions and see how they can be used to make your groups more effective. The training will introduce you to a strategic planning framework which we will practice using to see how we can achieve big long-term goals.

Day 2: Advanced Training in Movement Building

This training is for those who have attended Day 1 and want to get a deeper understanding of movement building. It will look at how to campaign effectively and make use of a wide range of tactics. It will explore ways to grow the movement and build power over time. You will have the opportunity to plan and execute an action in groups and come back together to share your experiences. The training will also look at the natural cycle of social movements so we can see where we fit into the bigger picture.

The training will be participatory and interactive. There will be lots of opportunities for group work, discussion and hands-on activities to help us share, learn from and build on each others’ experiences and put ideas into practice. The training is free of charge and open to those at all levels of knowledge and experience.

Apply now for either Day 1 only or both days.

The deadline for applications is 1st May.

Attendance on both days is highly encouraged.