Campaigns Lead

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Role Purpose:

 To support the social movement to work towards common goals by coordinating and facilitating national campaigns in order to advance us towards our Grand Objective and Strategic Milestones


    • Engaging in campaign design and planning

    • Engaging in campaign coordination and execution

    • Designing materials to support national campaigning e.g. training, messaging, actions

    • Offering campaign design, planning and execution material to movement groups to support autonomous campaigning

About the Role:

 This role, and future team, will play an important function in the Social Movement Organisation (SMO) ; designing, planning and coordinating national campaigns. In order to do this effectively you will need to 1) develop an expertise in people-powered campaigning 2) facilitate workshops to support people in designing the best campaigns 3) producing training and other materials to execute campaigns 4) supporting members of the SMO to participate in the campaign. To achieve all of this, you will need to help build, support and co-ordinate a team of leaders. 

These national campaigns will play a big role generating momentum in the SMO, shifting public opinion in favour of animal freedom and moving us towards our long-term goals. 

We also aim to encourage members of the SMO to design and execute their own campaigns; you will be supporting this by producing and offering processes and materials. 

You will be working closely with our Messaging Lead to generate campaigns that tell compelling stories and are supported by a well researched and crafted narrative. 

This role is full-time and based in Lancaster. 

Who we are looking for:

    • You work well with teams

    • You like to organise, get things done and meet deadlines

    • You enjoy learning new things

    • You are grounded and can handle pressure and uncertainty well

    • You are interested in how people-power and grassroots organising can create change

Initial 8 month object:

Achieve excellence in campaign design, planning and execution 

In September 2022, we will be entering a piloting phase where we will seed the first three SMO groups. During this phase we hope to test our assumptions, refine our materials and learn how our ideas play out on the ground. In this role, you too will need to test out methods of campaign design, planning and execution. The aim is to arrive at a place where we feel confident in our capacity to deliver effective campaigns and make meaningful change for animals.


You Shouldn’t take this Role if:

    • You find managing large projects difficult or over-whelming

    • You’re uncomfortable with uncertainty and getting things wrong

    • If you solely value and demonstrate top-down direction instead of collaboration


The following readings will help you succeed in this role:

    • This is an Uprising. Paul and Mark Engler.

    • Re;imagining Change (how to use story-based strategy to win campaigns, build movements and change the world)

    • Ayni Institute Webinar Series.

    • Rules for Revolutionaries. Becky Bond and Zack Exley.

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