Political Strategy


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Role Purpose:

To build unity and momentum amongst leadership in Animal Think Tank (ATT) around a political strategy by providing strategic direction, guidance and support, in order to push us towards achieving systemic, structural change for Animal Freedom.


About the role

This role plays an important part in creating an effective strategy for ATT and the people-powered movement we will seed. By ‘political strategy’, we mean:

(1) our long-term goals and milestones;

(2) developing a vision for Animal Freedom;

(3) which institutions do we need to target with our campaigns and how;

(4) ways in which can we build support amongst influential people and bodies for Animal Freedom;

(5) strategies for building support across the political spectrum;

(6) developing methods and pathways for how ordinary people can engage with formal institutions (such as local councils, government departments, businesses etc.) to win campaigns.

As well as gaining knowledge in these different areas, you will also need to be able to work with others, consult, build support and create alignment around a political strategy.

This role is based in Lancaster and you will be working in the strategy team.

The role’s accountabilities are:

  • Developing a set of long-term strategic milestones to achieve to enable Animal Freedom

  • Developing a high-level approach for how the Alliance can build pressure and build support amongst key institutions

  • Identifying key institutions to influence and major targets

  • Developing a strategy for creating support across the political spectrum


Who we are looking for:
  • you have a background or interest in law and/or politics

  • you have an interest in people-powered campaigning and social justice movements

  • you can hold and integrate different perspectives

  • you can bring people together behind an initiative


 Initial Objectives and Key Results:

Here are some initial projects that you would be expected to work on in your first 6 to 8 months.

Project 1: Draft our grand objective and strategic milestones  

Currently, we are consulting the wider movement around what we need to achieve in the next 50 years to advance towards Animal Freedom. Based on this work and a number of other projects, you will synthesise knowledge into a set of long-term objectives for Animal Think Tank that people are excited to get behind.

Project 2: Determine a list of key targets

There are many different sectors of society that we could target (the government, government departments, factory farming infrastructure, local councils, business, the media, the church). Through consultation and research, you will determine which hold the most power and are essential for us to target to reach our goals.

Project 3: Develop a tangible vision for Animal Freedom  

You will develop a tangible vision for Animal Freedom that aligns with our long-term goals and the world we wish to see. This might include a breakdown on the rights and protections we want to see for animals, how the world has changed and how people have adapted. To do this, you would consult movement leaders and experts as well as doing your own research and reading.


You should not take this role if:  
  • You find it difficult to work with others and prefer to work on your own

  • You don’t enjoy research, writing, reading   

The following readings will help you succeed in this role: 


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