Social Movement Strategist

How to Apply
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To provide and communicate direction to ATT in its theory of change by gathering, interpreting, evaluating and embedding knowledge from a range of sources to raise the capacity of ATT and the wider movement to act and think strategically about Animal Freedom.
About the Role

At Animal Think Tank we aim to use movement theory and strategic nonviolence to win Animal Freedom. This means that we must have a good understanding of these fields as well as practical knowledge as to how to implement the best ideas. This role will be researching, studying and bringing in insights from movement theory. To do this you will need to identify gaps in our knowledge, uphold innovation from the grassroots, design and carry out research projects and also be creative in dreaming up ways we can use our powerful Theory of Change.

You will be managing a portfolio containing our approach to strategy, key recommendations, lessons and insights that will consider our own work at ATT and the wider movement. This role will act as a bank of knowledge in these areas.

In the long term you will be looking to help to raise and distribute strategic capacity amongst those in key leadership positions in ATT and the social movement.
Who we are looking for

You have experience working with grassroots groups
You have organising experience in people powered organisations
You have knowledge or interest in nonviolence, social movements and effective organising
You enjoy reading, writing and research but are also practically minded
You communicate well and in a way that anyone can understand
Objective and Key Results

The role’s broad 12 month Objective will initially be to gather the best ideas from movement theory and help make them happen.

KR: Pull together and complete a portfolio that consolidates our approach to strategy.
We need to be continually asking questions, making sense of our ideas and communicating them. You will be building on previous work, helping to manage research and consulting others to document our strategy into a completed portfolio.

KR: Communicate insights in the planning and execution of our social movement.
You will be using your knowledge and skills to inform and contribute to the conceptualisation and launch of our social movement. You will also be advising the senior leadership team in their decision making and in initiatives that could be taken.
The following readings will help you succeed in this role:

This is an Uprising by Paul & Mark Engler.
Why Civil Resistance Works by Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan.
Doing Democracy by Bill Moye.
How to Apply
Submit your CV HERE.
Submit a cover letter to recruit@animalthinktank.org.uk