Social Movement Strategist

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Role Purpose:

To steward Strategy within the Social Movement Organisation by providing strategic insight and process in order to support alignment between actions and goals

 About the role: 

At Animal Think Tank we aim to use movement theory and strategic nonviolence to win Animal Freedom. We are inspired by the methods of past successful social movements such as Civil Rights, Indian Independence and the Colour revolutions in Eastern Europe.

You will be stewarding this strategy within the Social Movement Organisation (SMO) that Animal Think Tank seeds by:

1) facilitating and managing strategic decision-making processes

2) gathering data on our effectiveness and

3) by building knowledge in our theory of change.

Through managing these different functions you will be supporting leadership within the SMO to act and think strategically.

Who we are looking for: 

  • You have organising experience in people-powered organisations

  • You have knowledge or interest in nonviolence, social movements, and effective organising

  • You enjoy reading, writing, and research, but are also practically minded

  • You communicate well and in a way that anyone can understand

Initial 12-month Objective & Key Results

Objective: Steward strategy within the SMO during soft launch

Key Result 1: Refine and learn to facilitate strategic decision-making processes amongst the SMO leadership team

Key Result 2: Create and execute a plan to gather data on the success of soft launch

The following readings will help you succeed in this role:

  •  This is an uprising by Paul & Mark Engler.
  • Why Civil Resistance Works by Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan.

  • Doing Democracy by Bill Moyer.


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