Training & Leadership Team Lead

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Role Purpose and Accountabilities

The Purpose of this Role is…

Develop social movement leaders’ capacity to coordinate and campaign effectively, by designing and implementing a scaleable training & leadership program, in order to nurture leadership at scale across the Animal Freedom Alliance.

The Accountabilities of this Role are…

  • Cultivating, sharing and realising a vision for how we build leaders across the Alliance

  • Researching best practice for mass public education, political education and pedagogy, and integrating that best practice into the Alliance’s training & leadership program

  • Designing and organising trainings

  • Guiding other roles to effectively design and carry out their own trainings

  • Delivering trainings

  • Building out the team, structures and processes necessary to scale the Alliance’s training & leadership program

  • Optimising the Alliance’s resources, documents and other outward-facing materials to make them engaging and accessible

  • Helping Movement Data Analytics measure the leadership capacity of the Alliance

About the Role

People-powered organisations create change by building leaders – by helping people see the world from a different angle, empowering them to realise that they can change the world, and helping them find what they need to make that change a reality.

This is a high impact role that exists to build leaders and shape the Animal Freedom Alliance.

You will work with others within Animal Think Tank to develop and oversee a broad training and leadership program – which will consist of a wide array of trainings, resources, materials, coaching processes, and the way those elements are organised and delivered. You will build a team, and accompanying systems, to scale the training and leadership program.

This role holds great potential for creativity and innovation. At the same time, you would be encouraged to draw from how previous social movements have developed their own training and leadership programs.

Who We're Looking For


  • You are willing to build and lead a team of people who are training local groups

  • You can deliver trainings when needed

  • You can communicate clearly and simply

  • You are humble, courageous and love to see and support others to flourish.

  • You believe that ordinary, everyday people are skilled, powerful and smart enough to make positive change.

  • You are willing to travel across the UK to deliver trainings

  • You are highly organised

  • You can think in a structured way


Ideal, but not essential:

  • You have past experience in community organising

  • You have past experience in training others

  • You have a driver’s licence

You shouldn’t take this role if…

  • You struggle to work with others;

  • You find teaching others difficult or frustrating;

  • You are ideological, dogmatic or purist about any organising methods;

  • You have trouble being self-directed;

  • You have trouble containing your emotions when in groups.

Key Projects

Initially, some top priority projects of the role will be…

Project 1: Developed skills in pedagogy, grassroots organising and group facilitation

Background: These skills are an essential part of this role, and you will need to spend some of your time developing your understanding in these areas so they can be integrated into other projects.

Skills: This project will require you to engage in research and critical thinking in order to explore these ideas effectively.


Project 2: Alliance training & leadership program designed

Background: This project involves identifying the priority skills and knowledge we wish to develop across the Alliance, deciding how to cultivate those skills and knowledge, and then implementing the program through the design and delivery of trainings, resources, coaching processes and other resources.

Skills: This project will require skills in collaboration and research as you will need to consult various individuals and study past movements to understand the needs the training & leadership program needs to meet. You will also need to be able to engage in structured thinking to design the program from a bird’s eye view.

Specific outcomes:

When complete, this project might result in:

  • A list of priority skills and knowledge the Animal Freedom Alliance seeks to cultivate in its participants

  • A list of trainings the Alliance offers to Movement Groups

  • Facilitation plans for each training


Project 3: Developed structures for scaling trainings

Background: Social movements are only able to succeed when they are able to rapidly train thousands of people to campaign and coordinate with each other on a national scale. This project will involve looking at how other movements have achieved this, and then building out the processes, guidance and organisational roles needed to implement the Alliance’s leadership & training program across the UK.

Skills: This project will require skills in research and collaboration to understand and synthesise what needs to be done to implement trainings at scale. It will also require a willingness to engage in organisation-building in order to create the needed structures.

Specific outcomes:

When complete, this project might result in:

  • A clear outline of how the Training & Leadership team structures and grows itself

  • A plan of how to develop a network of trainers across the UK

A plan of how to use an online platform to deliver on-demand trainings

How We Pay

As a social movement organisation, rather than NGO, we do things differently when it comes to compensation. We don’t offer salaries, and instead offer needs-based stipends of varying amounts to enable volunteers. Click here to see how our Volunteer Grants System works.