Image: James Gibson / We Animals Media

Animal Think Tank operates on a limited budget, with all members dedicating a large amount of their time while being supported by needs-based grants, which enables us to resource the movement to the best of our ability with the funding we receive.

If you believe in our work and are in a position to support us financially, we welcome your support to ensure we can continue to grow and evolve. You will find a brief overview of our work and funding needs here (UK) and here (US). If you are interested in giving a large donation, please reach out to Pranav Merchant at to discuss options to support our work and arrange a 501(c)(3) tax receipt.

To donate to us by bank transfer, simply e-mail and we’ll provide you with our bank details. To donate automatically on a regular basis, just ask your bank how to set up a standing order—this is quick and easy to do on most online banking platforms.

You can also donate via PayPal