Animal Think Tank’s Expansion

We will be starting our next round of recruitment soon. These roles will include: Movement Governance, Movement Narrative, Movement Strategy, Website Management, Organisational Support, Office Management, Social Media & Email Marketing, Branding & Design, and Fundraising. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when we begin to advertise our new roles and open up the application process by emailing

We’re looking for people who are:

  • Dedicated to animal freedom and aligned with our values
  • Ready to unlock their full potential
  • Humble, emotionally intelligent and excellent team players
  • Disciplined in thought and action
  • Open-minded, and eager to grow both personally and professionally
  • Highly motivated with a strong sense of initiative
  • Strong written and spoken communicators

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Why Join Us?

We’re Purpose Driven

All members at Animal Think Tank fully embrace the purpose and importance of their roles. Not only does this serve as a great motivator for everyone here to get things done, but it provides each individual with a sense of personal purpose in their lives. We are dedicated to the cause of animal freedom, and we plan to build a mass movement to transform society. We like to differentiate ourselves from the majority of other workplaces where employees merely work for their pay check at the end of the month. We have purpose. We have meaning. And we will bring about change.

We Distribute Leadership

Animal Think Tank is not structured like a typical organisation. We practice Holacracy, which means that individuals have more autonomy and more responsibility in their work. We don’t have ‘bosses’ who tell us what to do, but we do take mentoring and coaching seriously to ensure we reach our goals, collectively take part in the decisions in our respective teams and follow through on what we agree on.

As part of our commitment to building a team of leaders, we invest heavily in training and mentoring our members, we host many internal trainings and all full-time members will get a self-directed annual training budget to invest in improved knowledge, skills, or personal growth.

Our Culture

We seek to be intentional in creating our culture and are working to build a culture which is:

  • Self-managing – everyone has personal autonomy and responsibility to do their best work to achieve their role’s purpose. But we are aware of other roles and work collaboratively to ensure all our work aligns together
  • Open-minded – we are receptive to a wide variety of ideas, arguments and information and value the ability to view things from others’ perspectives
  • Growth-oriented – we are passionate about continuous personal and professional learning and growth
  • Blame-free – we ‘give it a whirl’ and have the freedom to fail, we know mistakes are integral to learning
  • Caring and empathetic – we care about and support each other and strive to treat everyone with empathy, compassion and kindness, even those we disagree with
  • Empowering – we support people to realise their full potential and step fully into their power, and build shared power through collaboration and relationship
  • Collaborative – we work collaboratively both within ATT and the wider movement. We ask for support and guidance when needed. All of us are needed to win
  • Audacious – we dare to think big and act like anything is possible
  • Fearless – we know greatness is not found our comfort zones
  • Self-aware and reflective – we value self-awareness, emotional intelligence and reflection – we own our emotions
  • Effective and impact-oriented – we focus on doing the right thing and doing it well – we ‘go slow to go fast’.

Our Team

We have an incredibly insightful and hardworking team who will work alongside you to help you unlock your full potential. Click here to meet them.

Our Home

Our team is based in Lancaster, UK, with our office located at White Cross Business Park. We chose to build Animal Think Tank in Lancaster due to the city’s progressive roots, rich culture and history, national reputation and affordability. We generally expect our members to be based in Lancaster.

Simple Living and Pay

As a social movement organisation with limited funds, we don’t offer salaries in the traditional sense. However, the work we do at ATT offers an incredible opportunity rarely found in any traditional job: the chance to massively transform the world for animals. Of course, we recognise that our members need funds to live. As such, we offer limited pay and pension funding to members based on need, which is enough for most people to live a simple yet comfortable life. More information can be found in our Volunteer Grants Policy.


We are a diverse group and we intend to expand in the same way. We would strongly encourage people from all walks of life to apply. We would love to have people with different backgrounds, experiences, identities, viewpoints and beliefs join us, including those on different sides of the political spectrum. We believe our differences and uniqueness make us stronger and we have a culture where difference and authenticity is valued. We want people from diverse backgrounds to feel represented and welcomed at Animal Think Tank. Having a diverse team will also help us build a broad-based Social Movement Organisation which is representative and welcoming of all sections of society.


If you are interested in joining us, you may want to engage with some of the books which have influenced our thinking in the Animal Think Tank Reading List.