Three individuals from diverse backgrounds united to fill a crucial gap in the Animal Freedom movement and launched Animal Think Tank. Now, we are scaling up to a team of 25+ people and preparing to launch an organized movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.


We believe that a truly free society means freedom for everyoneincluding other animals.

We’re creating a world where animals have the freedom to shape their lives according to their own needs and wants, and where their interests are taken into consideration in every area of society.

A world that respects all animals as individuals with unique personalities, languages and cultures.

A world where humans work with other animals to protect our shared home, so we can all thrive for generations to come.


The greatest leaps forward in social progress were made possible by the success of other freedom movements.

That’s why we’re building a powerful, resilient movement that can go the distance in ensuring all animals have their freedom embraced by society and protected in UK law.

We will achieve this by empowering everyday people to stand up for Animal Freedom and create lasting change together.

To dive in further, have a look at Unpacking the Mission and our Organisational Overview.


In 2018, three people from diverse backgrounds came together, driven by the realisation that there was a vital piece missing in the Animal Freedom movementa unified social movement powerful enough to last as long as it takes for Animal Freedom to become a reality.

Since Animal Think Tank launched, we’ve trained hundreds of changemakers in workshops in the UK, the US and Canada. We also helped launch Animal Rebellion (an initiative of one of our original cofounders) as a partner to Extinction Rebellion, which successfully highlighted the urgent issue of farming animals within the environmental movement.

Right now, we’re in the process of scaling up to a team of 25+ people and preparing to launch an organised movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.


We take inspiration from successful freedom movements that helped transform society:

– US Civil Rights movement

– Indian Independence movement

– Colour Revolutions of Eastern Europe

– Anti-Slavery movement

– Freedom to Marry movement, etc.

The most impactful freedom movements in history were the result of many years of research and planning. Mahatma Gandhi spent years developing the strategies, narratives, philosophy and culture necessary to build a movement powerful enough to achieve India’s independence.

Animal Think Tank is learning from successful movements of the past and gaining tried-and-tested insights into what can shift public opinion and bring about lasting social change.

Central to our approach is understanding that change requires many different individuals, groups and organisations, all with diverse approaches. That’s why we’re supporting and collaborating with others working towards Animal Freedom to build greater unity and momentum within the wider movement.

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