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Upcoming Webinars

Our webinars run monthly, covering many aspects of building narrative power in the Animal Freedom movement. Catch up on past webinars and check our eventbrite to hear first about upcoming ones.

Changing the World for Animals: Narratives, Networks and Place.

To make the world better for all animals, we know we need to disrupt dominant narratives – but we also need to recognise that the stories we tell don’t exist in isolation. Instead, stories spread best when they resonate through networks, and when they shift the culture of social spaces. In this webinar, Associate Professor in Communications at Rowan University, Garrett Broad, will discuss how the power of narratives can be amplified for animal advocacy, with a focus on the role of networks and the importance of place across both physical and digital realms. 

Date: 17th April 2024

Explore the power of narrative
for the Animal Freedom movement.

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2024 Webinars

How We Win Animal Freedom

This webinar is for people who want to think big and get inspired. Drawn from cutting-edge research on social movements and civil resistance, Laila Kassam will share key concepts, principles and strategies for building a powerful movement that can achieve lasting change for fellow animals. Whether you’re a storyteller, strategist, campaigner, organiser or street activist, you’ll leave feeling empowered and inspired about what our movement can achieve together.

Date: 13th March 2024

Persuading the Unpersuadable: Changing Minds for Animal Freedom

Changing minds is the Animal Freedom movement’s ultimate aim, but anyone who’s ever tried to persuade someone will know that it can feel impossible. Uncover why this stubbornness helped us survive, why reason is not logic and the surprising key to persuasive conversations. Join us in exploring how we can harness these techniques as animal advocates, whether we’re speaking one to one or to an audience of millions.

Date: 7th February 2024

2023 Webinars

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Learning from our Narrative Legacy

Remembering the past gives power to the present.

Narratives hold the transformative power to shape cultures and movements, and the Animal Freedom movement is no exception. In this webinar, we will dive deep into the rich history of animal freedom narratives and understand how they’ve evolved over time to become today’s movement.

Date: 30th November 2023

The Emotion-Persuasion Balance: Insights from Pax Fauna

Animal advocates face a conundrum. Our issue is highly emotional, yet members of the public are primed to see even mild animal advocate messaging as ’emotionally manipulative’, part of a common defensive reaction against pro-animal messages. How can we speak to the urgency of our issue without being dismissed as ‘melodramatic’?

Aidan Kankyoku, from Pax Fauna, will examine these and other questions, presenting findings from years of research on public opinion and narrative in US animal advocacy, spanning a range of research methods from focus groups to randomised control trials with tens of thousands of participants.

Date: 25th October 2023


Narrative Revolution: A Game Changer for Animal Freedom

Transform Your Messaging, Transform the Movement. 

This is not just another workshop; it’s a unique opportunity to unify our messaging, our campaigns and our movement.

Based on a year-long study involving over 15,000 UK participants, discover data-backed narratives scientifically proven to shift opinions in favour of Animal Freedom. We unveil narratives that can serve the entire Animal Freedom movement—ones that transcend individual campaigns and issues.

Your voice, combined with these potent narratives, can reshape the future for Animal Freedom.

Date: September 2023

In Conversation with Jim Mason, Author of An Unnatural Order

To end animal oppression, we know that we can’t just focus on the symptoms – we need to understand the root causes. An Unnatural Order is the book everyone in the movement needs to read. Join us in conversation with Jim Mason as we explore how animal exploitation has become so normalised, how all oppressions stem from the same root causes, and how we can transform our relationship with other animals, people and the rest of nature.

Date: August 2023


Disrupting Dominant Narratives: Empowering Animal Advocacy with Data

In this session, Rob reveals the best ways to influence the public’s views about Animal Freedom. From social progress to morality to animals abilities, you’ll understand how these themes can ignite empathy and reshape our interactions with other animals. 

Date: July 2023

New Narratives for Animal Freedom Advocacy - with Claire Parkinson

Claire is Professor of Culture, Communication and Screen Studies and co-director of the Centre for Human Animal Studies at Edge Hill University. In this webinar she draws on recent research to discuss the impacts of popular animal narratives and pro-vegan messaging on different audiences. She reveals what makes some animal narratives ‘sticky’ and how we can most effectively use storytelling, empathy and anthropomorphism.

Date: June 2023

An Introduction to Narrative Change and Worldviews

Narratives and worldviews make up the foundational ways we make sense of the world, find meaning and distinguish right from wrong. In this webinar, Beth explores how we can change these fundamental beliefs to win Animal Freedom. We’ll discover dominant narratives and worldviews in the modern world and the potential power of reawakening old ones.

Date: May 2023

2022 Webinars

Unlocking the Potential of Values in Our Communications - Ruth Taylor

In this session, Ruth Taylor, from Common Cause Foundation, discusses the social psychology of values, showing how we can bring intrinsic values to life in our communications to make them more persuasive, as well as explaining why activating extrinsic values can be counterproductive to our long-term aims for Animal Freedom.

Date: August 2022

Event Reports

Changing the Narrative for Animal Freedom - Messaging Event 2023

In February 2023, 52 people from across the UK Animal Freedom movement came together to collaborate and share ideas about what narratives we think are the most persuasive, as well as potential narratives for Animal Think Tank to test in public research. Read our collated ideas.

Publication Date: February 2023

Our Story

To change the narrative landscape around fellow animals, it’s important to understand what Our Story as a movement is. Animal Think Tank consulted with other communicators and creative thinkers to help understand this.


Publication Date: February 2022