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Image: Adam Oswell / We Animals Media

Could Animal Freedom Campaigners and LGBT+ Rights Campaigners Work Together For the Benefit of All? The Answer is in Their Shared Values…

Animal Think Tank recently conducted research which found that orienting an audience to a social justice issue (LGBT+ rights) led to stronger expressions of support for Animal Freedom. This seemed to us to be a great example of bleedover between values underpinning concern for social justice and values underpinning expressions of concern for a different cause…

By Robert Udale

Public Researcher at Animal Think Tank

Animal Liberation: Shifting Narratives to Open Minds and Hearts

The vegan movement has grown exponentially in recent years, but there’s much more work to be done…

By Beth Thomas

Narrative Lead at Animal Think Tank

Can We Achieve Movement Unity Through Narrative Unity?

The pursuit of Animal Freedom comes in many shapes and forms, all tied together by a shared hope: a world that treats every creature with respect. From advocates for domesticated animals’ rights to those campaigning against the destruction of homes, the movement is a diverse chorus of voices, each representing a different part of the broader cause.

By Robert Udale

Public Researcher at Animal Think Tank

Can Changing the Narrative Change Society?

Ask what stories mean to someone and they might think about their favourite book, play, film or TV show. But stories aren’t just a way to escape our reality; they are our reality.

By Natalie Braine

Narrative Researcher at Animal Think Tank