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Image: Ana Palacios / We Animals Media

Latest Research: Narrative Architecture for Animal Freedom

Messaging Guide and Research Report

Publication Date: August 2023

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Understanding Key Narratives Underpinning Public Opinions of Animals' 'Roles' in Society

This report details qualitative data analysis from 11 UK-based focus groups exploring ‘Opinions on animals’ roles in society’, which found 7 dominant narratives in public thinking.

Publication Date: January 2024

Which are the best narratives for influencing support for Animal Freedom?

In this multi-phase study, we set out to test multiple messages that framed the issue of Animal Freedom in different ways to discover which were most effective in getting public support.

Publication Date: March 2023

How does the public understand 'vegan' and 'veganism'?

Using corpus linguistic research, we studied how vegans, vegan diets and veganism in general are being discussed in public discourse.

Publication Date: February 2023